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Some areas in the desert of Nazca in Peru are of restricted access and even, believe it, forbidden to be flown over... It seems there is an agreement with the North-American government in that regard, and even in Google Earth it is impossible to see them, nobody explains exactly why, pilots in the region may even loose their pilot license in case they enter these areas...
  However some documental photos recently released by Erich Von Daniken in his book "The Return of the Gods" open a window to what could be, thousands of years ago, a set of antennas, many... many antennas installed on the desert floor.

Erich von Däniken became famous in the 1970’s with the great success "Were the Gods Astronauts?". He has written other books about his archeological studies and the visits of aliens from space. This work reproduces beautiful documental photos about the landing points of extraterrestrial aliens in Nazca, in Peru.

  Erich von Däniken
Aerial photo of the desert of Nazca in Peru
These images have been discovered by Erich Von Daniken on the mountains of Palpa, at around 12 minutes from the flight track of Nazca, which he believes are some type of mandala. Actually, these drawings inlaid on the desert floor are very similar to the
installations radio transmission antennas. Could these antennas have been used for communication with the East, the other workstation of the Nefilins? And with their ships they moved around the orbit of the planet, according to the Sumerian plates suggested?

    Photo magnification, observe the crosses
When we compare these drawings, in the book written by Jerry E. Smith called “Haarp : The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy” , I immediately remembered the installation system of the Haarp antennas installed in Gakona, in Alaska, and the similarities are amazing...
Tom Bearden
Tom Bearden
Scalar electromagnetism is a work of lieutenant-colonel Thomas E. Bearden, an expert who has been advocating a new view on electromagnetism, which is based on the notion of a wide and invisible background of scalar energies that support the entire physical reality. In many of his books, he has stated that old Soviet Union had created a fantastic arsenal of mental effect weapons based on this scalar technology, which they called "energetic" and which Bearden claims to have been developed from certain abandoned ideas devised by Nikola Tesla.
HAARP – Research Program for the Activation of High Auroral Frequency is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the government of the United States. Officially, it is a complex of antennas whose finality is to promote studies of a purely scientific character. But many researchers have questioned this version. Why a non-military project, and dedicated exclusively to scientific research would develop a technology able to create a super electromagnetic weapon, to promote climatic changes that would affect the global natural environment and even mentally control entire populations? Through a clear and accessible language, Smith explains in which way the HAARP Project may ser used as a terrifying and amazing mass destruction weapon, reveals a secret military plan and takes the reader through a great number of evidence that point to truly scary conspiracy theories.
Jerry E. Smith Jerry E. Smith


Projeto HAARP:    
      Aerial view of Gakona, in Alaska, of HAARP Antennas
This scalar technology is older than we may think… maybe the Nefilins mentioned in the book written by Zecharia Sitchin - "The 12th Planet" had already used this energy with great knowledge and their legacy may have been perpetuated. In that revolutionary book, the product of thirty years of research, the author compares archaic texts,
ancient cosmologies and celestial maps that tall about space travels to Earth, made at around 450 thousand years ago by the Nefilin, and gets to an astounding conclusion – we are the descendents of that superior race that came from planet Nibiru, the twelfth planet, and which, according to the Bible, was already on Earth when occurred the great flood.
There are also many citations about the Nefilins (The gods that came from the sky) in the Andean region and in all through Peru in the Book "The Lost Realms" by Zecharia Sitchin. MILLIONS OF YEARS BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST, OTHER BEINGS WANDERED ON EARTH. In that book, Zecharia Sitchin extends his theory already cited in other volumes of CHRONICLE OF EARTH that the Nefilins,
  from planet Nibiru, came to Earth in ancient times, and are the responsible for our great scientific, cultural and genetic advancement. Starting from researches about the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas and by comparing these civilizations with those of the Mid East, Sitchin unquestionably demonstrates that the great development achieved by these peoples have deep roots in the need of the Nefilins to come to Earth in search of gold.
    Zecharia Sitchin Zecharia Sitchin

The gods (Nefilins) creating their descendents (Men) – Inscriptions found in the Sumerian plates studied by Zecharia Sitchin
Goddess Inanna, Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte, Eshdar, Innin, Ninni, Goddess of Love and of Warrior Art
Sumerian Plate where it can be found some of the inscriptions where Zecharia Sitchin has studied in depth during more than 30 years of researches.
Anu, god of all Sumerian gods


In the Name of Science : A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research, and Human Experimentation. A book by Andrew Goliszek
Andrew Goliszek writes about researches involving chemical and biological weapons, frequently tested in civil populations. He reveals radiation experiments in human beings.
  He reveals the broad CIA program to modify the behavior and control the mind, with testimonies – never published before - of involved persons. Hw shows the efforts of unscrupulous researchers to test dangerous procedures and useless drugs in human beings to promote products, raise the prices of companies’ stocks and ensure funds for research. Some of the potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control and anti-personal techniques in tactical war. In all the cases, electromagnetic systems would be used to produce physiological disturbances, from light to severe, perceptive distortion or disorientation.
MKULTRA was the name of the code for a research program on mind control undertaken by CIA from 1950 to the 1970’s, starting in 1964, the project was renamed as MKSEARCH. The purpose of the project was to produce a perfect truth drug for use in interrogations and to explore in general all other possibilities for mind control. The experiments used to be frequently conducted without any knowledge of issues approached or of the involved persons. Hundreds of researchers have mapped the functioning of brain electromagnetic waves during the last decades. They has been able to identify four basic conglomerates of brain wave frequencies, each one of them being associated to a specific mental study.
Frequencies in general are called beta waves (from 13 to 30 hertz), alpha waves (from 8 to 13 hertz), theta waves (from 4 to 7 hertz) and delta waves (from 0,5 to 4 hertz). The first "beta wave", is associated to a "normal" level of consciousness, when a person’s attention is directed to the actions and facts of daily life. At a superior level of beta waves, at around 30 cycles or more per second, researchers have identified states of agitation, such as wrath and fear, besides tension effects, nay one of which may hinder the abilities of thought and reasoning. The second group of brain waves is called "alpha waves" and is associated to more tranquil states of mind. The "theta waves" have been associated to the formation of mental images or metaphors, to the access to deep memories and to the internal mental focus, as occurs during meditation. The fourth amplitude, a lower set of mental frequencies of the human brain, corresponds to the "delta waves", extremely slow, reaching from 0,5 to 4 hertz, that are associated to deep sleep.

Cosmo RTC

Holistic Scientist Researcher who has been studying electromagnetic waves and their effects in our organism, and who has been able to revert the influences of such waves through Radionic devices.

Based on all the information provided by the authors mentioned above and many others, during some years I have developed, through an initial dream, a device that I have called Energetic Point. Through which I have been successful in helping humanity in the holistic part of being, through this device that intensifies the subtle human bio-field providing significant improvements to the four most important points through which human beings interact in this planet: The physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual bring.
  Energetic Point            
The Dream
Ratihsi – Guardian Master of the Energetic Point
Energetic Point
The gods that came from the sky  
Get to know more about who were the Nefilins, where they came from and what is their connection to humanity. Click on the picture above and get to know much more.
I, Inanna, have returned to tell you about how my Pleidian family dominated Earth 500 thousand years ago and manipulated the DNA of human beings to explore them as workers in Nibiru, our planet of origin. The inhabitants of Earth thought we were gods due to our superior technology, and we obtained from them total submission. Then, we made some mistakes, like using Gadiva, the Great weapon of Radiation. As a result, waves of deadly radiation were propagated throughout the Solar system, through the galaxy, and attracted attention of the Intergalactic Federation Council. Being concerned by our irresponsible behavior, they intervened in our lives and imprisoned us in the Great Wall to set limits to the devastating power of my family. That was the Goddess of Knowledge, who was preparing to teach us that there were hierarchies to obey in the Universe. We got stuck in the evolution scale. I reincarnate now among you to try to mend that mistake made by my ancestors.
The Return of Inanna - V.S. Ferguson
The Iraq War & Archaeology

The country and people of Iraq have experienced many calamities in recent decades: the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War (a.k.a. 1st Gulf War), the 1991 Gulf War (a.k.a. 2nd Gulf War or 1990-1991 Kuwait War) and now the 2003- Iraq War (a.k.a. 2nd or 3rd Gulf War depending on when you start counting). War in this Cradle of Civilization, beyond the horrendous, almost invisible casualties—always somebody's husband, always somebody's son—and downplayed "collateral damage"—always somebody's wife, always somebody's child—, inevitably takes its toll on the archaeological heritage as well. After all, this fertile flood plain and surrounding mountains gave birth to agriculture, to writing, to cities, to laws, to the 24 hours in a day, and many more things we take for granted. Innumerable material remains of these steps on the path of humankind, from prehistory to the present, still lie buried in the soil. Some emerge just a little, like beacons, reminders of what once was. But, most still lie hidden beneath. Archaeologists, hand in hand with cuneiform specialists, have however been able to painstakingly piece together a picture of what Mesopotamia looked like: the make-up of the inhabitants, their economy and trade, their social and political organization, the ebb and flow of states and empires, the awe and tedium of religious practices, etc.

"Ali Jarekji/Reuters - Jordanian officials seized these cuneiform tablets from smugglers."  
The Iraq War & Archaeology

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